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Volume 06,Issue 01
   Volume & Issue: Volume 06,Issue 01

Process Integration of Cooling Water System: Thermodynamic Modelling & Experimental Validation for Energy and Water Conservation

  Volume 06,Issue 01


Author :

Sravya Sri Yadavalli, D. Linga Raju, P. K. Mahata


Abstract :

This paper deals with a technique for grass root design of cooling water system for wastewater minimization which incorporates the performances of the cooling towers involved. The study focuses mainly on cooling systems consisting of multiple cooling towers that supply a common set of heat exchangers. The heat exchanger network is synthesized using the mathematical optimization technique. In the present investigation, a prognosticated theoretical model of Recycled Cooling Water System (RCWS) is proposed accounting for interaction between cooling tower and heat-exchanger network. Regarding this model, an attempt was made for modern grass-root design method of RCWS based on combined pinch technology and mathematical programming in line with data available in public domain which may develop for minimum cost achievement. This technique may warrant upon and provide water and energy conservation, minimum cost and environmental impacts.


Keywords :

Combined pinch technology, Cooling tower, Heat exchangers, Recycled Cooling Water System.

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