Volume 06,Issue 01

Modeling Performance of Foam-CO2 Reservoir Flooding with Hybrid Machine-learning Models Combining a Radial Basis Function and Evolutionary Algorithms
Author: Seyedeh Raha Moosavi, David A Wood, Seyed Abbas Samadani
Keyword: Hybrid radial basis functions, Evolutionary optimization algorithms, Prediction performance.

An Intelligent Method for Understanding Consumers' Perception of Luxury Hotel Brands Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Author: Jeiran Gharahbash, Nasrin Jazani
Keyword: Branding, Luxury hotels, Luxury goods, Interior elements, Machine learning.

Process Integration of Cooling Water System: Thermodynamic Modelling & Experimental Validation for Energy and Water Conservation
Author: Sravya Sri Yadavalli, D. Linga Raju, P. K. Mahata
Keyword: Combined pinch technology, Cooling tower, Heat exchangers, Recycled Cooling Water System.

On Ill-conditioned Linear System Due to the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm in Solving Nonlinear Equations
Author: Seyyed Shahabeddin Azimi, Mansour Kalbasi
Keyword: Damping Factor, Ill-conditioning, Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm, Linear System, Nonlinear Equations.

Development and Performance Appraisal of a New Flat Rheology Drilling Fluid System for Drilling Deep Water HPHT Reservoir
Author: Mamidi Lokesh Teja, P. K. Mahata
Keyword: Deep water, High Pressure High Temperature, Flat Rheology, Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD), Barite sag.

Numerical Investigation of Micro-Leakage Flow-Field of Underground Gas Wellbore
Author: Jingcui Li, Yan Xia, Guangjie Yuan, Qing He
Keyword: Wellbore Micro-leakage Flow-field Simulation Shape.

Treatment of Bilge Water by Membrane Bioreactor and Prediction of Effluent Characteristics by Artificial Neural Network
Author: Mahdi Rabiei Lakmehsari, Moeen Besharaty
Keyword: Bilge water, Membrane bio-reactor, Oily-saline wastewater.

Self-Healing in LTE Networks with Unsupervised Learning Techniques
Author: Javad Rahmani, Abolfazl Sadeqi, Dennis Nii Ayeh Mensah
Keyword: Self-healing, SVM, ADABOOST, Fuzzy, Adaptive Root Cause Analysis.

Comparative Analysis of Power System Model Reduction
Author: Mohammad Khatibi, Fatemeh Rahmani, Tanushree Agarwal
Keyword: Power system stability, Model order reduction, Synchronous generator, Balance truncation.

Performance Analysis of Fixed Route Shared Taxi Services (Jitney) - Case Study of Tehran, Iran
Author: Shervin Ataeian, Alireza Mostafavi, Roya Nabiloo
Keyword: Fixed Route Shared Taxi, Jitney, Paratransit, Performance Analysis, Performance Index, Decision Criteria.